Spider-Man Preview

As a young boy one of my fondest gaming memories was playing as spider-man on the PlayStation 2, fighting masked robbers and getting absolutely wrecked by the rhino. There was something special about swinging around the city and crawling up buildings as you hero-it-out wherever you deemed appropriate. As with many franchises in gaming there have been multitudes of spider-man games through the generations, not quite going from strength to strength always but definitely improving overall as the technology did the same.

Now, you’ll soon be able to play as the masked hero again on your PlayStation 4 exclusively, as was revealed at E3 this year. To be frank, it looks like an absolute blast. In the video shared at E3 the game looked visually stunning and the game-play looked focused and frantic all at once, very exiting! The game definitely seems to draw a lot of inspiration from the recent batman series of games. This is noticeable in the combat and the general game-play, however; its a good thing. That series had immaculate mechanics and was a blast to play, if this one is anything like that it will surely be a positive point.

Some of the most vital mechanics for the developers to polish will be the swinging and combat, at this stage it seems very good but still lacks some polish in some areas. Another thing to consider is the difference in timelines between this spider-man game and the last few, in this one its a much more high tech and sci-fi (although still modern) setting, these factors will have a massive impact on the outcome.

Surely we will see the comical wise cracking side of the hero in this title, as that factor of his personality is one of the things that first drew many fans to the series. Spider-man is a very complex character to get just right. His sunny disposition coupled with underlying emotional trauma makes for an interesting character to bust through the various scenarios with.

Graphically the game seems right up the visually emphatic’s alley! The graphics are amazing with far outstretched draw distances and very detailed models on almost everything you see. A lot of polish has been put into the art side of the project already at this stage. Roaming the vast spanning cityscapes seems like an absolute pleasure with both horizontal and vertical vistas spanning the distance as you swing among the tallest of buildings in the big apple.

Although we cant speak of the game too much yet as not much has been revealed at this stage we can definitely say that we are very exited and looking forward to busting it out on the streets!

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