Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Are Now The Lowest-Rated Games In The Main Series

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet just fell into our list of “overrated hype” as the game is filled with bugs and issues that might take some time to write about. Let’s just say the experience was rather unpleasant. Then again, some scenes are actually hilarious to a point where it’s so meme-worthy. Do I want them fixed? Maybe, maybe not.

According to Metacritic, Pokemon Violet now holds the lowest score of 72. It’s safe to speculate that Scarlet and Violet are technically the same game, however, Scarlet has a score of 73, dropping below Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, unsurprisingly.

Despite the ongoing problems and complaints, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a combined sale of over 10 million copies within 3 days of their launch. Players are not generous with their ratings as well, with Violet sitting at 3.7, which fares better than the 3.1 that Scarlet has.

The good news is, Nintendo is not blatantly ignorant of users’ complaints and has since apologized for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s issues, vowing for a quick fix. Probably the score will rise over time, but currently being the lowest rating amongst all the Pokemon main series doesn’t sit well with hardcore fans. Hopefully worse games don’t come along.