Sony is releasing a PlayStation Classic console

Nintendo did it first, Sony are now following in their footsteps. Sony are releasing a new version of the classic PlayStation 1 console packed with 20 classic games coming out December of this year. Everybody body loves a bit of retrospective nostalgia and nobody understands this better than Sony with many of the series available on the PlayStation having come from that era of gaming. These titles include such classics as Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, and Ridge Racer Type 4.

You can now pre-order the device for $99.99 at Best Buy and GameStop if you live in the United States. While this price point isn’t exactly cheap by any means, it doesn’t come close to the prices people are expected to pay for some of the retro consoles launching this year. No price is to high for a good time. You will also receive two classic controllers with your purchase.

If you use to love the old days of linear game with pointy graphics, you might want to think about getting this one, lots of fun to be had with these classics.