Far Cry 5 Preview

The Far Cry series has spawned some of the best and most successful games of the past decade. We were treated to lunatic behavior in a Hawaiian shirt on a tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific, we got to swear in Afrikaans while dying of heat exhaustion somewhere in the bowels of African Savannah, we did some mushrooms and got to hear the definition of insanity on Rook island, we then prowled around with the indigenous people in the Himalayas and finally we got to skin mammoths medieval style. Evidently these are all very contrasting experiences, and Far Cry 5 aims to be no different.

The game is set in modern day fictional Hope County, Montana, where a preacher named Joseph Seed has become an important religious figure. Seed has installed the belief that he is a savior there to rescue the people and guide them to salvation. He has established a congregation called Eden’s gate, which at the surface looks like a faithful faction but in reality is a military radical cult. Eden’s gate’s mission being a simple one; forcibly convince any and every one to become converts. The player, being a sheriffs depute; is forced into action against the Eden’s Gate. The player becomes a part of a local resistance trying to halt the militaristic movement.

The game is going to be open-world, as were all the titles in the series. Great emphasis is being placed on the realism and scale of the region, and so far it looks fantastic. Visually, it seems the game is going to be stunning. Judging from the released footage it’s easy to see a lot of development has gone into the visuals on this one. Let’s hope our hardware is up to the task! The game introduces a character creation system for the first time in the series. This will be an interesting addition to the title, but might also be tricky to achieve correctly considering the emotional bonds the series is known for forming with the player, bound to the character. The game is also making use of a recruitment system where the player can recruit soldiers with special skills, each one unique; to help him on his travels. This mechanic was first introduced in Far Cry 2. The game also reuses the animal companion system that we saw in Primal, where the player can use animals as companions to help him fight and scout. It seems the game is going to feature a truckload of weapons to use, along with new emphasis being placed on melee; bringing in a range of melee weapons with it.

We are definitely exited for this one, the Far Cry series has always been a high point for the genre. Although the theme may split a few hairs, it is the trend in the current market; if one looks at the recently released titles featuring heavy religious themes. A topic such as that will always be hotly debated and controversial, but it shouldn’t take away from the overall experience, which is; in the end – fictional. Keep an eye out for this one, its set to be excellent.

The game releases February 27, 2018.

You can pre-order it here : Pre-Order