Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Preview

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is one of the best known and critically acclaimed franchises in gaming history. Assassin’s Creed was the first in the series and it featured an Egyptian setting set long, long ago. The game introduces many things to gaming which was previously unheard of, that have gone on to now being legendary. Something like the climbing system the first title introduced to gaming was previously unheard off, and has been adapted into several other titles and series. To put it short, the game was a trend setter.

Since then the series has started to go more and more stale with each following iteration as ideas ran out and themes got overused and under-polished. The series became known for unfinished buggy releases and for cash grabbing at each opportunity. Then came Origins, which was the first decent title in the series for many years in truth. Fans started to flock back to the genre and series and the game did well with sales and representation. It seems the series is back on track.

Then the announcement for Odyssey came, and it was greeted with nearly universal applause. What a game we seem to have on our hands. When it comes to series of this nature, much like the Far Cry series; there is an almost unending list of possible scenarios to set the universe in. We have seen everything from Africa to even the Caribbean in the series, now -we move onto Europe. Odyssey aims to take some of the things we love about the series and build and expand on them. The title promises a much less bug ridden experience with numerous additions and new features to boot.

This time around you must choose between a man or a woman to play as throughout the game. This is in stark contrast to previous iterations where things were done more traditionally. Another big change is that the traditional hidden blade is now removed from the game. Not to fear though, as it has been replaced. You now have the broken spear of king Leonidas for those stealthy assassinations. The game is said to feature improved and extended wildlife with many new animals arriving to the fold. Multi-choice dialog has been announced for the game. This will definitely open up many options in the open world experience and will give the game a much less linear feeling and environment. There is also evolved abilities and skills in the game. You now have a much bigger and wider range of choices as you progress with your character through the game. The game seems to take on a much more role playing experience and we are very exited to see where it leas the series.

This looks set to be one of the best and most well made games in the series and the theme and locations are fantastic. Who doesn’t like a good Spartan story? There seems to be big changes in the game with regards to how it tells the story and what you as the player is allowed to do within the world that they are creating. Its very exiting and looks set to be one of the best games in the franchise.

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