Traditional Celebrations Are Being Disrupted By Video Games, According To A New Xbox Survey.

Holidays are a time for celebration, goodwill, and gift-giving. The list now includes video games. Xbox-commissioned YouGov research shows how video games are changing family celebrations.

In 2021, family-friendly games like Minecraft and Forza Horizon 5 accounted for more than half of all holiday games [Internal Xbox Live data from November 2021 – January 2022].

60% of British adults think video games are a great way to connect with family during the holidays. 72% of British citizens think the variety of games makes them accessible to all ages, from children to their parents’ parents.

37% of respondents said playing video games is most likely to bring people together, and 39% said they’re less likely to cause arguments than board games. Could video games be the key to a connected and harmonious holiday season, preventing awkward family disagreements?

60% of adults say playing video games with family and friends is a great way to relax during the holidays, which may explain their popularity.

Games are a popular holiday pastime, but they also make great gifts. 52% of Brits who plan to buy gifts this holiday say affordability is their top priority. Xbox is committed as ever to providing players with great value gift options, including Xbox Digital Gift Cards up to £50 and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for £1 for the first month and £10.99 per month after that.

We also offer the Xbox Series S – Gilded Hunter bundle, which includes Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys. In-game cosmetics and virtual currency boost the bundle’s value by nine. This week, a new £249.99 package was announced to elevate your annual celebrations.

Xbox Wire has the survey results.