Star Sonata II – Amazing Retro Space Adventure

Since 2004, Star Sonata has been a gaming experience enjoyed by many. Originally starting off as a 2d top down space simulation, it has evolved over the years into 3d, and whilst much of the game’s style has changed, it has kept the beautiful arcade style that made it a home to many long time players.

I enjoyed it myself for many, many years. Almost 20 years of my life have been spent playing Star Sonata on and off, in which I have racked up almost three full years across all my characters of play time. So if you’re looking for a brilliant game that will keep you glued to your computer: Look no further. 

Because of its nature, the game has retained some amazing players who are always happy to help new players and the game’s wiki has a lot of information, though needs updating more regularly. 

If you’re looking to play the game, you can get it on the Star Sonata website by clicking here.

Free To Play

The pay to play system had a complete overhaul. Previously we could get to level 20 and enjoy the game in a very limited form. This has been replaced by a new variant in which players can reach any level they like as a free to play and stay in free to play zones. Now players of any skillset or level are free to keep playing as long as they want, so if you want the pay to play ships, skins and skills, once you’ve got them you can go back to being free to play and using them all in the original game zones. You just won’t be able to access the endgame areas.

As for the free to play zones? They cover just about everything in the original game that kept me playing for 7 years on the old system, so there’s a LOT to do. The best way to play the game is with limited interactions with the high level player, just enjoy flying, building and playing the game. Too many players have fallen to being upgraded too fast, to the point where nothing is a challenge, and challenge is what kept me playing.

Free to play teams make up a large part of the Star Sonata community and most of them are exceptionally helpful, and spend a lot of time teaching new players and gearing them up against the hostile masses in deep space. 

A Class Act

The game allows a wide variety of playstyles thanks to its class system, allowing for tanking/healing/dps gameplay but adapted beautifully for the arcade style. The classes allow a limited amount of wiggle room so you can adapt your gameplay somewhat. This is amplified by the game’s use of Augmenters which allow you to set your ships up however you want. You need more damage, speed, shields, energy regeneration? There are augmenters for it. You can also use equipment that increases speed and damage and among other things enhances certain aspects of your ships and alters them so you can play the way you want. (Well almost!) Due to the limitations placed on some augmenters and weapons, customization is not infinite, but you can really shine with the right setups, no matter what class you choose to play as. 


I’ve never really enjoyed PVP despite being rather good at it. It’s not really the main focus of the game for me, but many players enjoy getting involved in it. In the free to play zones, PVP is so limited it might as well not even exist. PVP is relatively uncommon, until two of the big teams decide to kick the hell out of each other in incredible battles that rage across multiple star systems. Then it goes beyond anything I’ve seen in any other game. Snipers peppering enemy bases with high tech weaponry, Seers appearing to decimate enemy healers. Engineers laying down healing drones and battle stations being built up, peppering their enemies with an unending stream of pain.


I recommend that the first class a player chooses should always be a Fleet Commander, though you’ll only start off with a few supporting ships, the Fleet Commander can blaze through the early levels which can be much harder for other classes. I’ve been a Fleet Commander for so long because not only is it a relaxing way to play, but you can handle things that other classes struggle with until they are properly geared.

Are You Ready?

If you’re interested in taking part in a brilliant space adventure, you can download it and play for free on the Star Sonata website by clicking here. Having played on and off for almost half my life, I can say without doubt that this is one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had. I highly recommend it.

Star Sonata: 8.5/10

Also here’s Zerendalus’ great video on what it’s like trying to get Engines 20. XD Love this guy!