Space Crew – Grab Your Team! Save The Human Race!

I have recently enjoyed playing Space Crew and I’ve spent a fair amount of time blowing up both Phasmids and Androids. There are numerous things to appreciate about Space Crew – Legendary Edition, from flushing your ex girlfriends out into space after scheduling a surprise meeting in the cargo area and watching them choke in the pitch-black emptiness of the void, to flying out on missions and fighting for your life against the terrifying Phasmids and the annoying Androids.

The game isn’t that challenging in terms of winning, and playing it through is fun and rather peaceful. You really get to enjoy drifting along and blowing things up… It’s never been more relaxing! Everything usually goes well on missions – up until the time you get caught in a neutrino storm that destroys your crew and ship. They should definitely be avoided!

Playing the game and the expansion was a fantastic experience for me. You can do a lot of things to make the game simpler like add another gunner, which removes a lot of the pressure of moving crew around and enabling auto-select for adversaries so you won’t have to tag them. The game is most enjoyable if you play on the default difficulty setting, and it is not worth adjusting it to make it easier.

You take on the role of the captain of a ship defending itself from attacks by the Phasmids and the Androids, two alien races that use radically different ships which can be incredibly irksome if you’re not paying attention. In this action-packed adventure, you’ll be shot at, boarded, perform rescue missions, and forced to hold out against attacks from all sides!

Even though the game is not particularly difficult and can be finished by someone like me without too much trouble, you might discover that it occasionally feels a little grindy. With that minor complaint out of the way, you can have a lot of fun just playing the missions through, and the majority of the bosses are cleverly designed and interesting.

There are five different crew kinds available to you: Your captain is in charge of steering the ship and using his skills to boost evasion and prevent attackers from seriously hurting you with their weapons. Next, there is the engineer, who risks life and limb every day to keep the ship afloat. The communications officer is next on the table. They detect approaching attackers, scan objects, and hack enemy structures, calling in support when needed. Then there are the gunners who fire at approaching foes while improving their accuracy and damage with their skills. The security officer is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and maintaining the shields has access to stealth technology that you will require in a number of circumstances, and you can also multi class them into a gunner for extra firepower. They can all be equipped to perform a number of jobs. You can also name all your crew except the legendaries you pick up! (They are also little different to your standard crew stats-wise.

Overall, I had a good time playing the game and really enjoyed it! even if you fail… You can pick a new team and go out and conquer your adversaries from the point you were annihilated! Overall, a strong 7/10!

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