Oblivion or Skyrim Opinion

So, its the age old question. Arguably the most important game series in gaming history, the Elder Scrolls. Two of the best games of all time yet there can only be one, so which one is it?

Before I get into it I would like to state that I wholeheartedly believe both these games are masterpieces in their own right and both have fantastic depth and lore. I do however believe that although facts are facts and comparisons can and will be struck it will always come down to opinion in a debate such as this.

Unfortunately I can only make this opinion a few hundred words therefore I wont be able to discuss various comparisons between the two titles that I would have liked to be able to do, so I’ll have to try and stick to vital points only. Bear with me.

I also have to disclose that Oblivion has great nostalgic value to me whereas Skyrim is not as nostalgically sentimental to me as a person. Oblvion came out when I was a teenager right at the peak of my gaming powers. I had just gotten a 6000 series Gerforce card and although even then it wasn’t high end I have never experienced anything better.

I remember coming out of that sewer at the start of Oblivion and seeing the world for the very first time, I remember it very fondly indeed. Everything felt so vivid and open. You could look in any direction and the feeling of wanderlust swept over you. The game pioneered a new way to enjoy an experience and I had just never experienced anything like it. I never felt that way with Skyrim, sure the world was big and there was allot to explore but it just didn’t have that grit to it. I never really wanted to explore since it all just looked the same to me. Snowy ridges and mountains galore with very little color and character.

Fighting and casting spells in Oblivion was a blast too, you had incentive to work your way up the ladder of skill and experience and just wanted to become more and more powerful, regardless of your choice of deity; be you paragon or hero. The world felt rich with many interesting stories and characters to fill your hours with wonder and joyous moments.

Skyrim however had introduced a much enhanced spell system that introduced two handed casting. It also introduced the dragons that became such a powerful plot line. In terms of content Skyrim was also the clear cut winner yet it never seemed to feel that way when I played the game. Skyrim naturally has much more loot and lore to be found as well with some masterfully made weapons and armors to collect and craft.

Graphically Skyrim obviously takes the cake but that’s to be expected given the differences in timelines between releases. Both games were pioneering in some aspects of graphical quality for their time however. I believe that Oblivion edges Skyrim in this regard though as it simply looked fantastic and unrivaled for its time. Skyrim looked good but even with the graphical enhancement packs doesn’t come close to other releases near its own.

It really does come down to a handful of personal likes and dislikes and it will always be very controversial at the end of the day. For me Oblvion edges Skyrim even though I spent almost twice as much time with Skyrim as I did with Obvlion. Please remember this is a lighthearted opinion and no one is obligated to agree with me, it is however my opinion. Oblivion takes it for me.