No Man’s Sky – Cosmic Adventures

When it first came out, No Man’s Sky received some extremely harsh criticism. Numerous issues, including terrible glitches, jerky gameplay, and an unsatisfactory overall user experience were brought up as players took to the internet to complain. I initially believed that ignoring it would be the wisest course of action because it was being pounded by critics from all walks of life.

Do not misunderstand me; I ADORE space games. They are truly amazing, at least the ones I like, and I absolutely love the vast, limitless expanse of space, and all it offers me. But recently, my brother purchased a copy of the game and loved it so much that he bought me a copy as well! I was instantly hooked!

Unquestionably, No Man’s Sky is among the best science fiction video games I’ve ever played. Giving it an 8 out of 10 is a strong rating for me. (Most of the games that aren’t worth playing, I won’t even bother reviewing.)

No Man’s Sky has changed a great deal over time and in a really beautiful and positive way, considering the damage it sustained during the initial takeoff. While most flaws and glitches have been fixed, a few small ones still exist.

I have enjoyed playing the game so much that it has interfered with my life and my typical level of discipline (I gave up smoking and drinking coke on the same day!) The game is now really playable and fun and I cannot help but recommend it!

I remember the first time I stepped onto an abandoned freighter, feeling the icy chill of the freezing, inhospitable environment, and seeing strange green objects floating around menacingly. An incredible event indeed! Later, I discovered strange lifeforms and self-defence systems aboard other abandoned ships that attacked me. It was lovely. Even though my magnetic boots kept me anchored to the ground, the absence of gravity and the drab security illumination made for unsettling sights, and I felt cold, even though it was a summer evening…

Both base management and colony management were initially enjoyable for me, but while base management was well thought out, colony management ultimately disappointed me. It’s good to be the Sheriff in a one-Gek town, but that’s kinda where the magic ends. Bases are much more fun, especially when built on hostile worlds!

Race selection is pretty cool as well. You can be an anomalous species merging with the cosmos, one of the once vicious and terrifying Gek, who are frog-like Space Ferengi, a cold, calculating Korvax, or the veritably violent Vy’keen.

No Man’s Sky doesn’t care about your race because you improve your stats by upgrading your exosuit and multitool, rather than having race based abilities and stats.

You can own up to 6 fantastic star ships, which you can use for transportation and other purposes. There are several classes of ship, including the Fighter, which almost everyone is most fond of. The all-purpose Shuttle which has good starting cargo stats, the dependable and durable Haulers, whose increased shielding keeps them alive in dogfights, and the Explorer, which enables you to travel the galaxy in the blink of an eye. (Yeah I have one called Starbug, sue me Doug Naylor!)

After that, you have the superb S class exotic ships, which are my favourite since they strike a good balance between all the different stats. The exotics are advantageous since they resemble a well-balanced DND character, and whilst Fighters DO hit harder, I prefer having more survivability and jump range. The live ships are the next, which I didn’t bother with. I don’t like the concept of being dependent on strange alien goolies from beyond the stars to fix my broken ship once it gets shot down.

I heartily endorse No Man’s Sky as a terrific game for everyone. I mainly rate a game based on how much fun I had playing it. I often enjoy games that are very intricate, and No Man’s Sky hasn’t let me down yet. I adore identifying dozens of species, plants, and rock formations as I soar through space in my S Class Exotic to strange new worlds.

You can pilot a spaceship, engage pirates in combat, and swiftly destroy them. You can explore abandoned structures to learn more about what happened to them. You can own your own capital ship and delegate dangerous missions to less important people so you don’t have to go out on them. As for me, I would rather just choose a beautiful planet and chill out for a while. I’ve discovered a handful that are quite lovely and covered in stunning shimmering plants. This game has it all. I’ve only ever played multiplayer once, because the solo game is so brilliant.

I’ve had a great experience with No Man’s Sky overall, and I’ve spent a lot of time with several different characters. It has something for everyone, and no matter where I go in the universe, I keep finding new things, even though some planets are almost identical – and I’m definitely talking about the mushroom ones. There are a few areas of the game that I think could be better, despite how much I enjoy it. I rate the game an outstanding 8 out of 10.

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