MultiVersus in Potential Trouble as Season 2 Fails to Impress

MultiVersus may be in for some potential trouble as Season 2 is failing to impress enough people to keep a sizable audience going, if the latest Steam player counts are any indication. Reports from stat tracker SteamDB show that the game had a peak count of just 4,709 players on PC alone during November – a far cry from July’s peak count of 153,044 players. To put that into perspective, the first two measurable drops were in August and September, registering at 139,095 and 22,037 respectively. Kinda one-sided, ain’t it?

All Looney Tunes references aside, this has nothing to say about console users (and there’s still no word on if Player First will even bother with a Switch version while we’re on that subject) but the numbers are telling that there could be potential trouble for the game in the near future. This is despite the addition of everything from Space Jam and Game of Thrones stages to characters like Marvin the Martian and Black Adam in recent updates. Time will tell if MultiVersus can recover from this but given the numbers it would not be surprising to see it all packed up and taken away.

Source: SteamDB (via GameRant)