Ducktales 2017 Opinion

As we have all come to know by now Disney is releasing a reboot of the show we all love, none other than Ducktales! It is set to be released to the Disney XD Channel this summer in August. We can’t hide the fact that we are super excited to see what they have come up with in whole! After all the original Ducktales became a super hit!

So! What do we think about about what we’ve seen so far? Well, our thoughts are mixed at best. First off all the animation is very different, mind you this is not a bad thing in itself, things do change. The flow of the animation is cool and like other Disney shows and we have kind of come to like it. The colors, however; appear very bland, or even gimp at times. Where is all the sparkly vivid colors that the original had or in fact any show in the 80’s. It looks so dull, grey. Disney really needs to find their coloring matches that they have obviously lost somewhere.

As for the voice cast, well, lets just say it has some huge seats to fill. Well huey, dewey and louie isn’t so hard to do, but Scrooge. His voice has burrowed itself soo deep in our minds that hearing David Tennant trying to be scottish just doesn’t sound right at all. Well, to be fair, in the first preview it wasn’t that bad, but given more dialogue in new released footage wasn’t exactly impressive. Let’s just hope it grows on us!

So enough complaining. The good aspects of the little we have seen now is actually promosing if you can get over the bland colors that is! The animation is smooth and the style has actually grown a little on us.
Another thing we noticed is Ms. Beakley. She looks quite much more impressive now than in the original. And after analyzing the main theme intro we can see she’s often in a karate fight ready pose, not screaming and fainting for everything. Let’s hope she turns out to be as excellent as in the intro!

Check out this video showing what we mean about the colors.