60 Parsecs – Hoard the Soup!

60 Parsecs is a funny decision making game in which you take control of a group of survivors who have managed to flee the devastation of their space station. Just before you escape, you have to grab as much as you can and throw it unceremoniously into your escape pod. Soup, tools, and expendable crew are necessities for your personal survival. After gathering these items, you must board an escape pod to flee!

During your journey, you’ll need to learn how to ration food, construct and repair equipment, and make choices that will either save or end up shortening your life. I enjoyed the excellent writing and the humour in 60 Parsecs. Even though it’s a little challenging – especially when you don’t really know what you’re doing, I was able to complete it.

To survive you must ration soup, create goals, make important choices, and dispatch expendable pals on missions to bring back supplies. You have to make sure you control the crew’s emotions and health in order to make sure they can do the things you need them to safely, such as foraging outside the escape pod.

The biggest drawbacks for 60 Parsecs are that too many in-game events repeat themselves when you are playing the game and through new games, and the humour quickly gets old when played for extended periods of time. This does not imply that the game is not worthwhile to purchase or play; it simply indicates that I am growing old and disagreeable.

The fun starts to wear off after about three games, but if you play less frequently, you can definitely get more out of it. For a small game, it has a decent amount of character variation and it is well-built and entertaining. I give the game a respectable 6 out of 10.

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