About Me:

I’m a gamer and indie developer who decided to start writing reviews on games. I’ve always found myself active in the comment sections on games on review sites. So therefore I decided, why not start my own review site where people can actually read my thoughts. So thats how came to be. Choosing a name was the hardest part. Every good name is in use it feels like. But I finally found a very describing name atleast.


General contact:
E-Mail me here if you want to get in touch or if none of the contact mails under fits your request.


Review request:
E-Mail me here if you have a game which you’ve made that you want to review or if you just came over an anwsome game you love and want me to review it. Remember, all reviews are honest and not paid. The only thing I need is access to the game, be it Promo codes or some other access.


E-mail me here if you have feedback or ideas about my site, detected some problems with it or if you just want to give me some pro’s or con’s.

Oh, I almost forgot, check out my own games. Both are Mobile soon to be crossplaftorm. You can find ’em here:


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