Telltale games closing its doors for good

In a very sad and drastic turn of events the majority of telltale staff were released from their jobs last week. This was touted as a “majority studio closure” where more than 200 employees lost their jobs. apparently after the meeting letting them know they were now jobless, they had a mere 30 minutes to vacate the premises. Saddening, appalling. Only 25 employees will stay on with the company to oversee the developments that the company is obliged to participate in the following months.

It is widely known that working conditions at Telltale wasn’t exactly shimmering and that the employees had often not gotten enough recognition and reward for their tireless work. This is ultimately the reality of the AAA industry as sad and unnerving as that is. Many studios are rumored to be in the same boat with employees not being treated fairly. It is a blight on the industry and a reality that doesn’t have enough light shed on it. Video-game are the biggest entertainment industry and yet these conditions are still a reality with higher ups often simply not caring.

Telltale explained that the studio simple didn’t make enough money despite some high profile releases and licences it acquired. The studio won numerous rewards and accolades but nothing prepares a studio for poor management. Ultimately their ambition was their downfall as they pumped out game after game things simply became stale and what was once fun unique games are now old, boring, ugly run of the mill titles. That’s the way it goes, and should serve as a warning that no-one is immune.