Battlerite Royale Revealed

The free-to-play arena brawler, top-down view game called Battlerite is now getting an offspring title, Battlerite Royale that is not a mode, but an entire game! The standalone battle royale game wont be free-to-play however, and will have a set price at launch.

“With the constraints from Arena limiting us and after seeing the huge reaction from Battlerite Royale’s announcement, we made the decision to protect the integrity of both experiences and create a new game instead of a new game mode,” developer Stunlock Studios wrote.

The royale offspring title is keeping a lot from the original game but is also getting a host of its own features and updates. Cosmetics earned in the original Battlerite will carry over into Battlerite Royale and there will also be extra content for early purchase customers.

Not all the customers were very happy with the announcement however. A few complaints came through about people feeling that they have already paid big amounts of money to secure content in the free-to-play game and dont think its fair or right they they will now again have to spend money to secure what is essentially only a new game mode.

Naturally more information will become available in the coming weeks. You’ll hear it from us first when it does.