Bixby button is the best thing about my Samsung, and this is why!

Ever since Samsung introduced its Bixby assistant and Bixby button. People have been both excited and, well let’s say less excited. Okay perhaps they even hated it! It has been rather less successful than Samsung would have hoped! It should really have been the big Google Assistant killer, but ended up as just another useless function for most. UNTIL NOW!

For the past year or two I have discovered a perfect use for this little button that just sits there. There is an app out there that makes this button super useful! bxActions lets you remap the key to do whatever you want! Almost. And suddelny this key has gone from being used like, never, to be used daily! Lets have a look!

I personally have remapped my Bixby key to the following:
Single press: activate one handed mode
Double press: Activate Flashlight
Hold: Change between sound on and silent
Double press and hold: Change screen orientation

I have tested a few apps but the best one yet has got to be bxActions by Jawomo
Play store link:


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